Why should banks invest in automated testing for their software?

Why should banks invest in automated testing for their software?


Banking business priorities have shifted towards optimizing internal cost structures and identifying new in-demand customer segments, products, or service lines. This being the case, the banking domain has significant dependence on technology enabled products that is easily approachable and contains a personalized experience for its customers to connect.

For instance, the banks of today offer their products or services such as new loan schemes, transaction alerts through WhatsApp for business.

To track and adopt agile methodologies practiced at your bank, Testing is an essential step in this process that assures stability followed by step automation thereby enabling speed. After all, a business progresses with quality and speed.

Why Test Automation?

Initially, test automation was viewed as an efficiency enabler, with only repetitive test activities such as regression testing considered for automation. Testing models emerged in the early 2000s, and automation evolved as a standard framework integrated into the testing lifecycle. With businesses rapidly adopting agile execution methods, test automation has become an essential component of software delivery pipelines to ensure quality.

Current Crisis in Banks

Because the current crisis necessitates rapid changes, test automation must incorporate technologies (such as analytics and machine learning) to balance speed and quality. As a result, banks must comprehend how intelligent test automation defines the path to maturity.

Lets Learn How

Rigorous test execution times

A typical regression suite can involve thousands of check cases and takes hours to run despite automation and thus becomes a bottleneck. What would you like – running one thousand check cases for banking applications in three hours and gaining ninetieth confidence, or adopting intelligent check automation, running solely 1/10th of eventualities in mere 15-20 minutes and gaining ninety fifth confidence? thus, organizations that build a machine learning model supported former changes absolutely impact their existing practicality over time. as an example, changes like defect history, check execution related to code amendments and traceability will be accustomed to establishing the best set of eventualities to execute for the present code change.

Test Scenario generation and test data

Ideally, a client would wish to look at his bank account, master card, Loan EMI, open-end investment company Investments all on one dashboard. However, these are most frequently separate enterprise systems within the backend. The accrued want for security and integrated time info brings further quality to the mobile banking application’s testing desires. Whereas varied check situations increase the check execution time, A depleted quantity can cause severe quality problems delaying its move to production. making the proper set of end-to-end situations and associated check knowledge may be a challenge for banks because of its inheritance, want for business information and right analytical skills.

Massive test scenario and performances on multiple digital devices

Presently, mobile, and net apps became the well-liked mode of activity banking transactions, creating it inevitable for the banks to confirm cross-device and cross-platform workability. Further, script less or codeless automation is gaining traction, with tools like Applitools leverage Visual AI technologies to produce alone testing accuracy across all browsers, devices, and viewports.

Banking needs for security and regulatory compliance

Banking websites and client portals area unit favorable targets for cyber threats, as well as fallacious transactions, hacking, etc. Hence, security take a look at automation integrated with DevOps is vital altogether money establishments. regulative compliance is additional tight worldwide, it wants the requirement to verify applicable controls mechanically. Robotic method Automation (RPA) and linguistic communication process (NLP) involves the rescue here in guaranteeing the proper identification and audit of systems for regulative compliance.


In summary, the banking industry is under a lot of pressure to meet the needs of the modern banking industry but with the dependence on manual testing for most of the test scenarios, Venzo’s QA Automation Testing Services can help reduce time to market and improve the quality of application when it goes live to customers.

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